Trending Technology for Facilities Services in India

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The world of facility services in India is constantly changing. Today's facility managers are entrusted with not only improving operations and lowering costs, but also providing a more pleasant working environment. Hundreds of facility management technology solutions, including increasingly complex facility management software and mobile applications, have emerged in recent years. As new worries about employee health and safety surfaced, many organizations transitioned to hybrid workplaces. To succeed in facility management, you must be able to quickly adjust to changes as they occur.

Here are some of the recent technology trends affecting security and facility management services in India.

  • Stealth sensor on a mission- You don't notice it when you're walking about your condominium building or even your office, but it's there. A low-profile sensor that communicates the operational health condition of the assets for which it was placed, stealth sensors are now a necessity in big workplaces. It does not require any human intervention, and advances in sensor and battery technology have taken it a step further by making it a wireless device that can be set up in minutes. Furthermore, it requires little to no programming or maintenance support.
    Facilities services in India can collect data for technical aspects such as granular ambient temperature, humidity, and technical building status for HVAC, electrical, and water treatment systems, as well as washroom usage and cleaning status.
  • Making sense of the data- Whether automated or manually obtained, one often wonders how to process massive volumes of data and put it to the greatest possible use. Another feature of technology is the ability to save time, which translates to lower operational costs! Imagine if sensors could reduce energy consumption by 15% to 40% simply by monitoring and altering the lights, ventilation, and temperature in an office building based on the number of people present at any given time.
    Artificial Intelligence enhanced building management systems work by allowing users to examine data and gain a deeper knowledge of anomalies that develop, as well as providing insight into its smooth operation and allowing users to make predictions about consumption patterns and usage.
  • Cloud based connectivity has facilitated improved coordination and communication between the stakeholders. It has also simplified the aspect of data and information accessibility at any time of day. It makes data collection and storage easier for facility managers. On a single platform, any number of residents or clients can connect and access information. Cloud-based services also reduce the danger of data loss by storing data without the need for a backup and providing reports to security facility management services in India.
    The cloud-based Visitor Management System allows residents to accept or decline visitors with a single app, as well as archive visitor data.


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