Top 3 Physical Security Risks for Your Organization

Top 3 Physical Security Risks - Best Security Company

Physical security refers to the act of protecting organizational assets such as people, property, systems, and IT infrastructure from coming to harm as a result of physical events. Both manmade and natural disasters can be classified under physical security risk factors. Orion Secure is one of the best security companies in India and we are adept at providing the best-in-class security to protect your people and assets. Remember, without adequate security measures in place, your organization is left vulnerable to physical threats.

Let’s take a look at the most common physical security risks that organizations face and how you can protect your organization against them.


In spite of gates being secured by some type of access control like a biometric or swipe card access, organizations are vulnerable to tailgating. It happens when an unauthorized person follows an authorized person into an area once the gate is opened via an authorized person. Important locations such as data centres are especially vulnerable to such security breaches.

Luckily, tailgating can be curbed by taking adequate security measures like training the employees and deployment of manned guards at vulnerable spots can curb this threat to a large extent. At Orion Secure, we provide top notch security guard services to mitigate any threat.

Documents Theft

Office is one place where papers and sensitive documents are present everywhere. Right from printers to workstations, any spot can be vulnerable to security faux pas. If some sensitive document falls into the wrong hands, it can create issues.

A clear desk policy where all documents are locked away by the individuals responsible for their safe keep is a great way to lessen this risk. Apart from this , access control can also prevent unaccounted visitors from entering your space. You can engage Orion Secure, one of the leading security management companies to manage your security needs.

Unaccounted Visitors

Every organization has visitors. They could range from courier and food deliveries to customers, vendors, and interview candidates etc. Unaccounted visitors are a huge challenge, especially if you have a large area. Visitor management is an important aspect of security for an organization. At Orion Secure we offer you the best security services in India. Right from welcoming visitors to , visitor sign in , to informing the host, to visitor checkout, our security staff is adept at managing everything. We also maintain a visitor log for audit purposes.

Organizations must work towards raising awareness about physical security among their employees and encourage them to play an active role in defending their workplace. Important entrances and exits should be manned at all times in order to ensure that no unauthorized entry or exit occurs.

However, one of the most effective ways to combat the whole spectrum of physical security threats is through visible security. Increasing your security force always guarantees enhanced security. We are the best security company in India with years of experience in the field. Moreover, an additional number of security guards give extra peace of mind to your employees and will discourage those with malicious intent from trying to create any nuisance. To learn more about our services visit