Technology As An Enabler For Career Growth

Technology As An Enabler For Career Growth

With new upended urgency and change of priorities amidst us, employees around the world are hungry to develop new skills to achieve their goals. In fact, 85% of people want technology to help define their future and over half of respondents are more likely to stay with a company that uses technology to support career growth. These are key findings that HR must reflect on when creating their workforce development strategy.

The challenges and importance of employee career growth and personal development cannot be understated. At Orion, we are committed to helping our customers and the HR community provides tools that make the work experience better – something we call humanizing the work space. As organizations look to adapt to employees’ needs and expectations, we are focused on providing solutions that deliver the guidance, opportunities, and growth that the workforce requires.

Employees who do not have a clear sense of how their new priorities align with the organization may struggle for growth and lag in their careers. To empower the workers and help them regain control of their career destinies, there is an urgent need to identify or review available career opportunities to see if they align with their new career goals. Visibility into their current competency levels, such as their strengths and gaps, can help employees build a development plan to overcome shortcomings and prepare for future desired roles.

To help employees grow along in their chartered trajectory, it’s important for HR and the organization to provide continuous support in order to:

  • Explore and review recommended roles
  • Understand strengths and gaps for careers of interest
  • Build and maintain a development plan to achieve future or current career goals

At Orion, we are open to offer and provide, when required, our wholehearted support to help the employees achieve desired end results they dream of.

Major General Balraj Mehta

SM, Chief of Staff