Tailored Solutions That Ensure the Safety and Security of Your Facility and People


Are you thinking of hiring manned guarding services for your facility? But you might be concerned that you would get a generic solution that might not suit your people and facility! No worries, we at Orion Secure will ensure that you have the best-suited solution, absolutely tailored to your needs and requirements. As one of the best security companies in India we offer exceptional security solutions that are tailored to your business.

Manned guard services are an effective way to protect your premises from nuisance, threats, and vandalism. All our guards are certified, trained, and highly professional in discharging their duties. We have been the preferred security partner for organizations irrespective of their industries and size. Our manned guarding services come along with the latest security tools and gadgets so that we can provide comprehensive security to your facility and people.

If you are thinking about security and you value a reliable, passionate, and client-focused partner then Orion Secure is the destination, the best security company in India. Our service rests on four integral pillars – Integrity, Quality, Confidence, and Innovation. Each and every solution or project that we handle would reflect these core principles and all our guards abide by them.


We claim what we can deliver, and we deliver what we claim. This means when it comes to our security guard services there is absolute transparency. We do not make false promises or set unrealistic expectations. If there is a need that is beyond our capabilities, we would not take it up or bring around an innovative way to deal with it. But we call a spade a spade and always ensure that we provide the best security services, with highly professional and exceptional manned guards.


Our client testimonial speaks volumes for our quality. Take up any client and we are happy to share testimonials with you which speak about the best-in-class services that we offer. At the same time, we ensure that we do not take advantage of your needs and charge unrealistic prices for our services. Many security management companies have hidden costs and unrealistic commercial models. We aim to provide the best solutions at the most competitive prices so that you say that you have got value for money or maybe even more than you had expected.


When it comes to compliance, we are in tandem with all the security laws of the land and will ensure that your premises are compliant as well. We comply with all international and national compliance protocols giving us credibility in the security guard services landscape. We have faith in our services and confidence in our professionals that they will discharge their duties with the highest standards and quality.


There are a plethora of security companies in India. Then why choose Orion Secure? We not only deliver but also innovate and not only innovate but also co-innovate. At Orion Secure we strive for excellence and ensure we have all the latest technological equipment, tools, and software. This enhances the productivity and efficiency of our solutions. We make our clients a partner in this journey of innovation or rather co-innovation. Our clients add value to themselves and thus together we discover new models, new tools, and new ways to look at security services.

All these four pillars are equally important, and we never compromise on any of them. No doubt, our client says that we are the best security company in India. If you want customized security solutions, then connect with our experts today and get the best-in-class security solutions from Orion Secure!