Security Cameras Are Important! Here's Why

effective ways keep business safe

Do you need surveillance cameras? The answer is a resounding Yes! Crime rates are not only increasing but criminals and miscreants are developing new and improved ways to cause damage to your business. You need security cameras because they are like your eyes and ears, making you omnipresent throughout your premises.

Modern integrated security solutions come with hi-tech cameras that can deploy audio and visual deterrents whenever a threat is detected. Coupled with the latest developments in technology these cameras can detect motions and movements, unfamiliar faces, auto report to legal authorities, and send immediate alerts.

Though the term mentions ‘surveillance’ but the functions go way beyond that. Even recent research has established that burglars find surveillances cameras as the most effective deterrents, followed by alarm systems. Hence these cameras, as part of your integrated security services are a must-have. Let us illustrate a few ways how surveillance cameras are beneficial for your business –

Provide real-time feed

Once you have these cameras installed, you and your security team can view live feed or real-time data. The best part is you can access this live footage anytime from any device, phone, or laptop. You can enable or disable alarm systems, activate, or deactivate the features of the camera and security systems, all from any part of this world.

Helps in solving crime

The cameras can record physical evidence of the crime and capture recordings of the criminal activity. This footage can be used to find the criminals and prove them guilty before a court of law. There have been plenty of cases where the police have taken the help of surveillance camera footage to identify and track down criminals.

Good for your insurance carrier

Do you need any discount on your insurance premium? Why don’t you share the security features of your latest integrated security management system with your insurer! These recordings protect your insurer against false claims and hence even insurance companies value security cameras and robust security solutions. Next time you visit your insurance do ask for rebates and discounts.

Eliminate legacy systems

The old and traditional security systems have not only become obsolete but also a drain on your finances. The modern cameras and security systems are advanced and come at a lower price, with more advanced features than the old legacy systems. They come equipped with motion sensors, artificial intelligence, and audio-visual deterrents.

Become omnipresent

If you have multiple properties, you can now view all of them from one location with these cameras acting as your eyes and ears. You can always pull up real-time footage from any of your properties and keep monitoring them from the comforts of your home.

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