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Manned guarding security services include hiring security personnel or guards who are specifically trained to safeguard people, assets, and property by discouraging crime, illegal entrance, and assault. In India, there are numerous prospects in the field of manned guarding services. Manned guarding is the most effective technique to secure your company's safety and save losses. Orion Secure, India's leading security services provider, will ensure that you and your employees are well-protected. You can't afford to run your firm without having physical guards on hand to provide security.

Despite an uptick in corporate enterprise activity, a relatively stable industrial production and logistics scenario, rising investments in hospitality, leisure, and recreation facilities, and a greater emphasis on securing public and private sector institutions, market prospects for manned guarding services remain positive.

Government, private, and in-house security guards are the three types of security guards. Security guard services in India provide entrance and exit screening, personal and property security, emergency rescue and emergency management services, security patrols, and system monitoring. They could be armed or unarmed, stationed or on the move, uniformed or not.

Benefits of manned guarding services to business

If you're unsure about the advantages of manned guarding services, consider the following.

  • Manned security guards can act as a powerful deterrent- Security guard services in India, for example, might be defined as a larger medium through which we will feel safe. When your company suffers losses due to theft, the security guard can help you solve the situation and take action.
  • Trained manned guards can respond to a variety of different issues- Manned security guards can help with a range of problems. While CCTV can only capture the image, the security guard can focus on other events that require the intervention of humans. Security guards can also help prevent unauthorized individuals from entering your property. Unauthorized entry into business premises is sought for a variety of reasons, including stealing valuables or vandalizing property. Unauthorized individuals may find it much more difficult to get access to your business' premises with a security guard present, helping to protect your business from theft, destruction, and other criminal actions.
  • Manned security guards can provide the best service to guests and customers- When you hire a manned security guard for business or personal reasons, you may expect a lot more customer satisfaction. Manned guarding services in India provide the finest possible option in terms of customer or visitor behavior, as well as resolving concerns such as consumer guidance and location.


Manned security personnel are unquestionably essential for efficient use of our company or business. You might be curious about India's best manned guarding security services. Orion Secure is India's top manned guarding service with its professional range of security solutions. Kindly visit our website for more information.

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