The Role of Biometrics in Physical Security

The Role of Biometrics in Physical Security

With the advancement in technology, security systems have also evolved as we witness the rapid adoption of biometric security solutions across the industry. Today, these systems are not just present in high-security zones but also in educational institutes and residential complexes. These systems have opened new opportunities to strengthen security while making accessibility easier and more user-friendly. Major reasons for this widespread adoption are the reduced prices for biometric systems and the huge proliferation of biometric systems in mobile devices and smartphones.

If you are looking to strengthen your physical security, then you should install a biometric system within your premises and who better to help you with that than the best security company in IndiaOrion Secure. We have the latest equipment and the manpower to install and operate these systems. Our solutions are robust, well-maintained, highly secured, and user-friendly.

Before you understand how to successfully deploy a biometric solution, let us highlight what is biometrics and what are the different kinds of solutions available.

Biometric security is the use of software solutions to identify human beings based on their behaviour or any biological characteristics. The majority of the security management companies provide fingerprint detection as a biometric security solution. This is the most widely adopted solution across the industry. But many places use even more advanced forms of biometrics namely facial detection and iris detection. Facial detection involves identifying a person based on the facial nature or characteristics of the person, while iris detection is a super-fast, non-invasive way to detect a person by scanning his iris and matching it with the stored patterns.

You can easily install your choice of security system depending upon your need and budget. There are just a couple of things you need to do. First is the integration with existing systems – these solutions need to be integrated with your existing security solutions. We help our clients undergo a smooth integration or transition from their existing systems into new solutions. And the second is the storage of the patterns. Orion Secure comes with storage solutions along with biometric security and we ensure complete security and access control of the storage with our clients.

A major benefit of the biometric solution is that it enhances your security systems. If you need to strengthen your security, you can go ahead with biometric solutions. It is difficult to clone a fingerprint, a facial image, or even a retinal pattern. Hence, it makes security systems more robust and reliable. Also, many organizations use biometric as a multi-factor authentication measure, something beyond the traditional badge or access card.

Additionally, this security measure introduces a lot of conveniences. People might forget access cards or badges, but nothing can prevent access in case of a fingerprint scan. At the same time, the widespread adoption and usage of these systems in mobile devices have made things comfortable and convenient for everyone. These are completely handsfree and contact-less solutions that are more relevant in the present context.

What makes us the best security company in India is that we do not sell security devices or solutions, we strategize and build custom solutions for each client. Based on your requirement and present security solutions, our experts would come up with the best biometric solution for you. All our solutions are sensitive to the environment and are completely sustainable. We ensure that your employees are trained are well versed with the new systems. Hence, without an iota of doubt, you can partner with us. With the huge success and minimal error rates, we continue to empower organizations with our best-in-class biometric solutions.