Return to Work and the Role of Facilities Management

Return to Work and the Role of Facilities Management

The year 2020, completely transformed everything across the world, from the way we live to the way we work, everything has gone through a massive change. As things are slowly normalizing, people are adapting to the new modes of delivering work. Employees and workers have started to come back to office premises, and this brings in a host of challenges for the facilities managers. Preparing the buildings after the pandemic requires facilities managers to maintain the highest standards of safety and social distancing. This means they need to upskill themselves to handle the increased adoption of digital solutions and safety measures. It might feel a bit overwhelming but with the best facility management company in India, you can always ensure the best balance between safety and resource utilization.

Here are the things a facility manager should consider as they plan the re-entering process for employees.

Ensure social distancing

Facility managers must ensure that there is minimum interaction and physical contact between the employees and social distancing is maintained at all times. The places that present maximum vulnerabilities are the common areas like elevators, stairs, assembly points, breakrooms, cafeterias, and lobbies. Proper planning should be done to ensure traffic control and that at no point there is any gathering at any place.

Flexible work timings

The new normal has gifted us with the hybrid model of work, where employees can come to the office in shifts on specific days and the remaining time they can connect from their home. This would reduce employee density in the office and also give time for cleaning and sanitizing the entire building. With the best janitorial services in India, we ensure that your offices would be sanitized, and the highest standards of health and safety would be maintained at all times.


Security and facility management services also encompass effective sanitization and maintenance services. Every time a workstation is used, it needs to be sanitized, each office area, every common space needs to be sanitized and disinfected. There should be a special focus on crowded areas like lobbies and cafeterias. At the same time, facilities managers should ensure that the janitors ensure their safety in the entire process.

Contamination events

The pandemic has increased the risk of contamination. Contamination can happen if there are toxic or polluting substances in the air, on surfaces, or on food items. It can pose to be a severe risk to the health and hygiene of the employees. Regular monitoring of all the spaces is necessary to ensure that every corner is neat, clean, and hygienic. If you are looking for a one-stop solution for all services, then we have the most comprehensive portfolio, when it comes to facility management services in India.


While organizations are going for return-to-work mode, facility managers should measure the success of all the new measures in terms of defined KPIs. They must closely observe each step is taken and device methods to make the implementation even more efficient. This involves gathering data from multiple sources and driving insights from those data points.

The pandemic has brought in multiple challenges and changes to the role of a facility manager. It is challenging to adopt and implement the highest standards of safety and hygiene. But that’s where Orion Secure stands apart from the rest. We have well-trained professionals who can easily embrace digital technology and adapt to the new model of working. No doubt, we always exceed our client’s expectations as the #1 security and facility management services company in India. If you want to ensure a safe and healthy return to work for your employees, then partner with us today! To learn more about our services visit