Putting People First – Wellbeing at the Workplace

Putting People First – Wellbeing at the Workplace

Historically, wellbeing initiatives were limited to peripheral health benefits. Now, we are aware that employee wellbeing is more than just absence of illness among our employees. Employee wellbeing is about optimizing the health of all employees. That means that employee wellbeing is directly related with absenteeism and its associated costs. Because of their many benefits, we have started implementing wellness programs at Orion Secure.

Optimize employee engagement

When an employee wellbeing program is implemented, employees feel more connected, their health is elevated, and consequently their happiness and sense of belonging increases. During the COVID-19 crisis, it became imperative to keep employee morale high. By introducing employee wellbeing initiatives such as mental health workshops or fitness initiatives, precautionary measures and strict hygiene practices, we could significantly improve our employees’ morale.

Rewards & Recognition

When their hard work, dedication and teamwork is appreciated, employees’ feel recognized and satisfied with their jobs. In addition, employee recognition positively affects productivity and creates a culture of appreciation. Overall, employee recognition has a power to inspire your employees and make them realize what a crucial clog of your company they are. This includes monthly, quarterly, and annual recognition program.

Listening to the employees

Employees want to be heard! When they have grievances which are not addressed, suggestions they cannot put across, they start feeling like their opinion does not matter. Moreover, listening to your employees and acting upon their recommendations can make them feel like a valued member of your community. It makes your employees’ work more meaningful and therefore increases employee wellbeing.

Giving regular and timely feedback

Satisfaction and happiness at work are crucial for employee wellbeing. Timely feedback helps the concerned employee take corrective actions and improve performance.

Health screening & Flexible work options

It significantly increases chances of preventing illness. Flexible work options are one of the best means to achieve work-life balance especially in these COVID times, when everyone seems to have been affected.

Health insurance, Gym membership and Psychological counselling services

Going to the gym can help your employee reduce stress. Healthy and fit employees are more focused, hence more productive. Psychological counselling services help them overcome any psychological trauma or issue they might be facing.

Financial Benefits

Providing benefits, life insurance, or advances and loan repayment options, we help employees make wise financial decisions for their future. This helps them to stay financial secured and motivated at their work.