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Over the past few decades, India's facility management industry has grown significantly, and the country's leading facility management firms now control the majority of the market. Continue reading to learn more about the factors and patterns that have helped the facility management sector in India flourish, as well as about the top facility management company in India.

What is facility management

Facility management is an organizational role that integrates people, place, process, and technology within the facility to improve the quality of life and efficiency of the core company. It entails the upkeep of land, structures, and machinery as well as the optimization of inventories and other operational components. In order to provide safe working conditions, facility management businesses must also adhere to regulatory requirements. Facility managers employ facility management services to guarantee effective operation, save costs, and boost productivity.

Facility management market in India

In India, there is tremendous room for expansion in the facilities management industry. Facility management firms in India need to grow their clientele and reach out to additional businesses because they haven't yet reached 75% of the market's potential. By 2022, it is anticipated that India's facility management market will have increased by close to USD 15 billion and grown at a CAGR of almost 18%. The creation of SEZs and massive food parks is anticipated to be the main cause of the high growth rate. Facilities management companies in India are enhancing the value of their services by incorporating technology like automation, artificial intelligence, and data monitoring in order to benefit from this thriving industry.

The Role of a Facility Manager

A facility manager has two main duties to carry out. The preliminary role of a facility manager is to meet a customer's strategic and tactical objectives. A facility manager offers operational guidance on making sure that everyone is working in a cost-effective setting with maximum efficiency.

The Role of Facility Management Companies

Working on client companies' outsourced projects is the facility service management companies' primary responsibility. Organizations contract out these tasks to facilities management firms so they can benefit from their expert services. As a result, facility management firms are the ones who can assist the client firm and offer expert guidance.

Housekeeping, security, and a lot more are just a few of the services provided by facility management. It includes specialized services like chauffeurs, gardeners, electricians, plumbers, and pantry guys. Services like housekeeping, plumbing, and indoor as well as outdoor management are all handled by professionals from a facility management company, whether it's a mall, office, or business apartment.

Benefits of facility management services

  • Cost optimization- Reducing the cost while maintaining the same level of service.
  • Specialize in core business- More people should focus on the core business while facility management companies oversee operations linked to the physical facility.
  • Transfer of risks- The majority of performance accountability and operational risks could be mitigated by a facility service partner.
  • Benchmarking data- Given that they may be managing numerous portfolios across numerous geographies, the facility service provider will have substantial data for performance benchmarking.


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