Protecting Your Business With Manned Guarding

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Do you know that the earliest mention of security guards is in Egyptians and the Roman history? In those days Pharaohs and kings would use employ private security to keep themselves and their assets safe. The concept of manned guarding services has not changed much since then. Manned guarding services are there to protect what you hold dear!

The primary job of manned guarding security services is to provide a safe and secure environment by preventing crime. When there are security guards present at the premises, it deters the law breakers from doing any disturbance. Hiring security guards brings many benefits to an organization, individual or a business. For example, having manned security guards at malls and shopping centers can help prevent incidents like robbery, mugging, car theft etc.

Sense of security

It is always good to know that there is someone who is watching out for you and your organization’s well being and safety.

No matter how advanced the security technology is today; research says that it is the human intervention that intruders fear the most! A camera might catch a person committing an offence like stealing or trespassing but it cannot apprehend the offender then and there! And this is the primary reason that one cannot negate the importance of man guarding security. Technology can always assist manned guarding services but can never be a foolproof system of security and safety. Human presence and intervention is always essential. The physical and the digital teams have to work in tandem to get the best results.

Prevention is always better than cure!

Security is a big need in all kinds of organizations today more so than ever! Be it corporates, or schools or hospitals or banks or any other premises like malls or construction sites, manned guarding services not only protect these corporations from outside attacks but also monitor the personnel working there.

Our manned guarding services will

  • Guard your premises against unauthorized access or damage
  • Protect against theft
  • Save you from the risk of assault or injury
  • Provide a safe and secure working environment for everyone

In cases of emergencies like fire or any other mishap, our manned guarding services will help to keep the crowd calm and guide them towards best escape routes to keep the damage to a minimum.

Serious about the security

Our security guards have received varying levels of training and are adept at responding to crimes of various degrees, ranging from a petty theft to an armed attack. It is the nature of your business, which is the determining factor for the type of manned guarding services you might require.

Selecting a security company can be a daunting task. After all it is the matter of keeping your people and your premises secure and you cannot afford to leave anything to chance. We help you secure your premises both internally and externally and let you concentrate on running your business seamlessly. You must consider manned guarding security services if

  • Your business is located in an area where crime rate is high
  • You have valuable machinery or equipment in your premises
  • You have high-price goods stored in your premises
  • Your business deals in cash or jewellry
  • Your premises has a heavy footfall

Orion Secure is the leading company providing man guarding services in India. We are committed to doing a superb job of protecting your organization and your people with tailor-made solutions. We understand that there is more to the job than just patrolling or making the rounds of the facility. Our security guards are extremely aware and vigilant and play a very important role in protecting your people, infrastructure, property and assets.

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