Overcoming Security & Safety Challenges in a Post Pandemic World

HR Strategies - Pushpa Thakur, DGM-HR

In a world which we are a witness to today, the only thing which sustains us is an ever-deteriorating security environment, fuelled by rising crime, discontent, and strife, mostly caused by years of confinement and unemployment primarily caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The transition that the security industry would have learned through sharing and learning has largely become something that we face first hand and our reaction or pre-emptive response emanates not from our experience but from our instincts. The implication is that our skills are being honed on the ground or as we hit the ground running.

This has given rise to a new paradigm which is lateral learning as we evolve. These learnings are the strength of the security industry per se and to share and imbibe will only see us thrive in an uncertain situation which by no means does not generate constant and ever compounding threats but also has the potential to embroil us in unpleasant and challenging scenarios seriously detrimental to the cause of security.

Manish Kumar

Sr. VP (NHC)