Why Organizations Choose to Use Electronic Access Control

Why Organizations Choose to Use Electronic Access Control

Access controls or especially electronic controls might sound like heavyweight control measures required only for high-security places. But the reality is that access controls are an integral part of the allied security services umbrella. If you have a business, then you ought to choose electronic access control to create a robust security solution for your business.

What are access controls? Access controls can be any measures taken to prevent unauthorized entry or exit of human beings and assets. This ensures the safety of your premises and employees and keeps miscreants away. Access controls can be as simple as an entry control point to high-tech ones involving retina scan or heartbeat sensors. From your car key to the ATM PIN code, everything comes under access control.

There can be multiple ways of implementing these services. As mentioned, before it can be a control point to monitor entry or exit. A simple log can be used to keep track of people or maybe access cards can be used. Recently you must have noticed the usage of a lot of access controls via smartphones in the form of OTPs or apps specially designed for access control. These digital systems have enhanced security measures and prevented unauthorized entry or exit.

With the advancement of technology, organizations have now transitioned towards electronic access control. They are more robust, efficient, and secured as compared to manual access control systems. At the same time, these allied security services help you to generate proper logs and records which can be analyzed easily to detect any breach.

Here are the top 5 reasons why organizations are using electronic access control as a security measure.

More reliability

Electronic systems eliminate the scope of manual errors. Even if you have the best of personnel, with only manual systems there is a lot of scope for errors like misreading names, or not being able to identify the image, or maybe logging wrong items in the register. With an electronic access control in place, there is no room for these errors at all.

Better protocol compliance

Many governments and industry standards demand regular reports on access controls and entry-exit of personnel. Electronic systems ensure that there is consistency and proper logging of all movements. The amount of efficiency and consistency that you would get with electronic systems cannot be obtained with an entire manual setup.

Easy Auditing

With electronic systems in place, you can record billions of records and granular data that is never possible with manual systems. This means at any point in time you can analyze these records or build reports or investigate reasons for breaches. Things become a lot easier for you in terms of auditing and compliance management.

Reduced cost and labor

These systems are on 24by7, and they do not need any ‘rest’ or ‘rotation’. You might feel that there is a good amount of investment in these measures, but these are one-time capital investments that you can easily amortize over the period during which you would use these systems in place. Hence it not only reduces your dependency on manual labor but also helps you in cutting costs in the long run.

Enhanced efficiency

Be it work hours or post-work hours, there should not be any compromise with the security systems. The latest electronic systems are designed to enhance the efficiency and robustness of your security measures. Fast actions can be taken, and breaches can be detected very easily.

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