Manned Guarding and Technology - Setting the Stage for Collaborative Sustenance

Manned Guarding and Technology - Setting the Stage for Collaborative Sustenance

Rapidly improving technology has amped up manned guarding security services in India. Did you know that when combined with advanced technology, the outcome of monitoring activities or mitigating security risks can reduce multifold? Technological solutions are the most efficient to make manned guarding more effective, especially at places with multiple entry and exit points and hence more prone to risks.

Faster Response Time, Lower Cost

By using manned guards in combination with new systems organizations can reap multiple benefits. Orion Secure, a leading provider of manned guarding services in India can help you improve your security operations with the help of the latest technology and trained security guards. All this results in accurate detection, improved efficiency, and reduced costs due to optimum utilization of resources. Technology provides assured remote visual verification, effective remote prevention capabilities and the right equipment to provide situational awareness to those who respond first.

Video Content Analytics (VCA)

Video Content Analytics provides capabilities to deal with threats more effectively. Some of the features of Video content analytics (VCA) are:

  1. Automatic Video Analysis
  2. Detection of Camera Tampering
  3. High quality intrusion detection
  4. People Counting
  5. Low false alarm rates
  6. Quick, reliable and effective performance

VCA can be accessed through mobile devices or run through a Central Monitoring Station (CMS). A dashboard is also available for measurement of performance of a site or individual guards. Customers can get as granular as they want and can compare trends. This enables enhanced client/supplier relationships that would not have been possible earlier.

Passive Infrared Response (PIR) Detectors

PIR detectors are used for premises with large detectors due to their high range, reliability, and accuracy of detection. They use temperature sensing techniques to identify human targets by sensing temperature differences between them and the background at over 700 feet of distance. These are available on customization based on requirements of perimeter, budget and performance.

Multi-Service Gateways

Multi-Service Gateways can manage more than one remote site as they can transmit, record and do Video Content Analysis in a single unit, thereby improving efficiency and performance. Man guarding services in India can be augmented with Multi-Service Gateways to ensure 100% reliability in security. They support rapid assessment of videos helping in quick identification of the root cause.

Mobile Apps

Today, mobile apps support monitoring on phones making it easy for the end-user to access data directly from their smartphones. Similar mobile apps exist for business enterprises, so relying solely on man guarding security in India to detect threats around business no longer makes sense. Organizations must make use of the available technology to make their premises safer. Businesses can download Apple applications that allow notifications and verification for first responders. Lived and timed access enabled by a CMS is also available to alert end-users through situational awareness.

Double-Knock Functionality

By linking two intelligent PIRs pointed at each other, "double knock" functionality is created. This helps with precise alarm localization and camera positioning thereby precise images and fewer false alarms. Besides, operators in an alarm receiving centre (ARC) can respond more accurately with “triple knock” verification created by optimally zoomed-in images and video analytic functions of remote multi-service gateway systems.

Our innovations and flexible solutions accurately strike a balance between physical resources and technology to give you an experience of safety all the time. We are renowned for offering the best services as we do an in-depth need analysis of the needs of our clients. We strive to do our best with a promise of removing any potential threats to your premises or stakeholders. To know more about our services, visit