Lowest cost or ‘L1’ is no longer the only way to select bidders for Government contracts

Lowest cost or ‘L1’ is no longer the only way to select bidders for Government contracts

Big Bang Reform Quietly Done L1 Will No Longer Be Default Way to Select Contractors and Vendors for Government Projects.

1. The above long-needed reform equally affects the Security and Facilities Industry as well. It was a norm to quote Rs 0.01 as Service Charge to become L1. Despite the above L1 rule-wise and erudite Government Departments laid down minimum service charge from 8 to 10 percent to negate the above ploy of Service Providers.

2. With L1 gone it is expected to boost the Quality of Security and Facilities Services. If a client accepts L2/L3 quotes it not only becomes mandatory for the client to get better services but also obligatory for Service Providers to improve the quality of Security and Facilities Manpower’s Equipment, Uniform, Cleaning Accessories and above all introduce automation and technology for checking the quality of services being provided by the vendors on a real-time basis. The winners are a trio of Client and Service Providers as well as the Manpower aiding and assisting the above services.

3. As an adjunct to the above reform esteemed Client will not only demand a trained and certified Security Guard or a House Keeper but will expect them to be trained at NSDC/DDUGKY approved Centres. This augurs well for OUR CMDs Vision and Mission to provide trained Security Guards and Facility Staff through Orion Secure organic vertical of OSTRAD.

4. We at ORION SECURE are sanguine that our esteemed clients will adopt a technology-based, Manual Interference-free, transparent MATRIX which awards impartial rating on quantifiable parameters to bidding Service Providers.

5. Both CMD and leadership of ORION SECURE welcome this pioneering initiative of the Government of India. It surely augurs well for all the stakeholders in Security and Integrated Facility Management (IFM) as also Manpower providers. The tapestry of months to follow will unfold the benefits of this epochal reform.