Leading Into The Future With Women Security Guards

Security Guard Services in India

Men make better security guards than women – this is a clear misconception present across the world. The gender gap in the security industry is not just a mere assumption, but there are numbers to testify the facts. In the US, only 25%, and in the UK only 10% of security officers are female. The world is evolving and physical strength, height, or being a ‘macho’ is no longer part of the sourcing decisions when employers look for security guards. Communication skills, empathy, presence of mind, observation skills, and emergency response knowledge are some of the top criteria for the selection of personnel for manned guarding services.

In 2021, we saw female guards being appointed for the first time in history at the Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia. Things are changing and to accelerate that change we need to dispel some myths related to security guard services.

#1 All security guards are men

Gone are the days when you could have made such statements. Look around yourself – office spaces, shopping malls, airports, railway stations, and almost every other public space have female security guards as well. They are appreciated for their calm and composed nature while being sharp and quick in their actions.

#2 Security guards need to be machos

There are limited areas where you need absolute bodybuilders as security guards – like pubs and bars. However other places, be it public or commercial spaces, you will find a lot of female population being recruited for manned guarding security services.

#3 Security guards have to stay awake all night

There are situations where guards do patrol at night but that is not always the case. You need security services even during the daytime like any other 9-5 job. Even if certain time demands female security personnel to stay on guard at night, they would be willing and well-equipped to serve their duty. You will find female guards at the airports or corporate offices discharging responsibilities all night long.

#4 The job is too dangerous for a woman

The risks in the job of security officers are equal for both men and women. Emergencies are 100% gender neutral. Hence the need of the hour is to train and equip every security personnel so that he/she can face the situation and protect themselves as well as the property or premise. Moreso, not every space is a high-risk zone – residential complex or educational institutes for example. There might be some cases where risk is high, but again preparedness can neutralize threats.

What is stopping women to join manned guarding services in India? The primary reason is the attitude of people around them. Women should not only be encouraged to join but also given all the necessary support from fellow guards at their workplace. Opportunities are there, all that they need is a little nudge, support, and commitment from top leadership till the last mile. It should be a collective effort where everyone comes together, works in cohesion, and discharge their duties to make this world a better and safer place. As an equal opportunity provider Orion Secure encourages women to apply for roles that were traditionally male dominated. We also provide adequate training to them to enable them to do their jobs. To know more about our services, visit www.orionsecure.in

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