Keeping Building and Assets Safe with Allied Security Services

allied security services

If you want to secure your premises and keep information and assets secured then, you need to establish access control and perimeter security. At Orion Secure, we use the latest technologies and trained professionals to deliver the best-suited security services for your business. We are a trusted partner across multiple industries and sectors and when it comes to allied security services in India, we always feature in the top ranks.

Benefits of access control

  • No headache or concern on lost keys
  • Protection for your workforce against unauthorized entry and nuisances
  • Vigilant audit trails, clearly showing who was where at what time
  • Remote controlled and can be accessed from any location
  • Completely software-controlled, very little hardware costs

Be it buildings, parking lots, rooms, or stairways, we will design a custom-fit solution for your business. This is where we excel and stay ahead of others. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, even if two businesses operate in the same industry and have the same size. Our experts will sit with you, understand your requirements and the level of security required and then design a solution best-suited for your needs. There is no point in adopting solutions that do not serve your purpose.

At Orion Secure, we ensure that you are a part of the solution. You might be wondering if I am part of the solution then what am I hiring for? Most allied security services in India would not consult you or take your reviews and recommendations. They would get the solution, install the devices, and go forever. We will discuss with your team the solutions and products and how to train your staff in the best manner so that they can use them and get accustomed easily to the new measures and processes.

Some of our solutions include access using credentials (proxy readers, fingerprint sensors, PINs), access card readers (card reader, fingerprint scanner, keypads), control panels, and door locks (digitally equipped to disengage only when the ID matches). We utilize products and solutions from leading manufacturers and well-established players.

Our aim is not just to provide a set of security products for your business. We aim to reduce threats and risks for your business so that you and your employees have a secure premise to work in. Our delivery model is always risk assessment-based rather than merely being product-based. We involve your security team, IT team, and infrastructure team because they know your premises and buildings in and out and their expertise is immensely valuable in designing the solution. We do not end our partnership with the systems being installed. We would complete training of your staff, ensure follow-ups, and we are just a call away in case you face any problems or difficulties.