Keep Your People and Organization Safe With These Physical Security Awareness Tips

Keep Your People and Organization Safe With These Physical Security Awareness Tips

Physical security in an organization is crucial for the safety of the people and protecting the infrastructure within the premises. A robust manned guarding security service is required for protecting your organization from crime, thefts, vandalism, violent acts, and natural calamities. The most reliable way to stay protected is by having the best manned guarding services in India in place to handle the daily risks and respond to emergencies. Many organizations feel that they are completely secured but in reality, they are not risk-free. Research indicates that less than 25% of organizations across the country are aware of the best security practices for their organization.

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Security is not an isolated subject and is not limited to only a few folks. Hence, everyone must be aware of these physical security awareness tips –

Share responsibility

You should train your employees and people about the best practices to be followed during different types of emergencies. If people are aware of these, then they are better prepared, and it would ensure that your premises and business are always protected. Security is a shared responsibility, and every individual should be aware of it.

Document everything

Do you have all security policies and protocols documented? If the answer is no, then you must immediately get them documented and circulated amongst all employees. It should include the commonly faced threats and security challenges and the means of tackling them. The document should also include a disaster management plan on how each person can contribute to ensuring safety in case of any natural calamity.

Assign floor marshals

These employees would work as emergency managers. Their responsibility would be to evacuate the floors and buildings and guide people to a safe zone during any emergency. These assigned people should receive proper training and guidance so that they can discharge their duties with efficiency.

Limit external access

Every employee should be given access cards and access to places that are required. There can be multiple areas where you have sensitive equipment or precious things. Access to these areas should be limited and given to only a handful of responsible people. At the same time, there should be a proper protocol for allowing visitors inside the premises.

Use the latest security devices

The best manned guarding security services do not just have physical security personnel. It involves the usage of the latest devices and systems in place. Security cameras and access control mechanisms should be deployed across your organization to have eyes everywhere all the time.

Stop breaches and malpractices

Many-a-times it is seen that people tailgate and breach security measures. These should be discouraged and penalized with proper penalties. At the same time ensure that no one is using any other security card or access code except the ones provided to him. There must be zero unauthorized access to any zone within the premises.

Besides these, you can always keep in mind the common measures like using biometric identifications, using proper vigilance, and ensure that everyone is following the set protocols. These measures, though small, but ensures comprehensive physical security for your organization.

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