Integrated Security Solutions For Advanced Hotel Security

Integrated Security Solutions

When it comes to security, nothing can beat integrated security solutions. Offering a multi-layered system consisting of intrusion detection, alarm notifications, a 24/7 staff, commercial access control, fire and smoke detection, and video monitoring. Our security management solutions protect your business and premises holistically and provide you with peace of mind at all times.

Providing protection and security without interrupting the daily workflow is our goal at Orion Secure and our integrated security solutions enable us to do it day in and day out for our clients across the country in the hospitality business.

The design and size of the building are two of the most important factors to be considered when working on ensuring the security of a hotel. Integrated security solutions provided by Orion Secure make it possible for hotels to get the security they desire at cost-effective pricing, this, in turn, helps with customer satisfaction which directly translates to customer loyalty.

Hotels have 24x7 operations and our integrated security solutions deliver the exact solutions you need for a successful daily operation. Our highly versatile integrated security solutions bring you the best from a diverse range of strategies and techniques. Some of the major integrations that can be added to your Security Management Solutions are:

Security Cameras and Feed analysis

This allows the security team to remotely monitor the entirety of the hotel property and also lets the management analyze the security footage making it easier to find and neutralize security threats. One can search for objects or people in the feed by using search phrases like “black bag” to isolate and locate all the black bags on the premises. This is also an important tool when it comes to legal issues and liabilities since the footage can act as proof.

Access control and identification badges

It is very important for hotels to maintain an open-door policy so that their guests can feel welcome, with access control and photo ID badges the hotels can now ensure that only the people who are allowed to be in a certain room or location can access it. This reduces the chance of unwanted threats or issues.

Managed Services

Services like backing up the video footage and having a remote surveillance team that can keep an eye out for you, make your security easy and cost-effective.
Hospitality business is all about offering the guests a fantastic experience and therefore their security and comfort are of paramount importance. You can use our integrated security solutions to better serve guests in order to deliver exceptional service. This will help you become credible and build long-term rapport with your guests that can translate into returning loyal guests for years to come.

At Orion Secure, we pay careful attention to your needs at every point of interaction as we are passionate about delivering security management solutions on time and within your budget. We have a very prompt customer service team that always tries to resolve all queries and calls at the earliest. Orion Secure has the technology, people, and infrastructure to deliver exceptional security and surveillance solutions to your business. To know more about our services, visit

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