Inadequate Security Guard Training Could Endanger Safety

Inadequate Security Guard Training Could Endanger Safety

Currently, this is my fourth month in the industrial city of St Louis, Missouri, in the United States. Here, the first response is of a Security Guard whose role is complementary to the Police. He is given an epithet of ‘A Thinking Security Guard’. He is digital savvy, knows rudimentary first aid, firefighting, and possesses good written and verbal communication skills.

The above has started to become not only a felt need but also a reality in the Indian context. Govt of India’s flagship DDUGKY, PGME precisely provides the above American capability to security guards trained at their centres.

Orion secure understood this need in 2014 when it established a web of MINISTRY OF SKILLS AND DIRECT EMPLOYMENT training centres across India.

Orion’s independent vertical “OSTRAD” functioning directly under the CMD, supervises 55 such centres. At any one time, hundreds of trained personnel are available to be deployed at chosen clients of Orion Secure. This organic capability is the USP of Orion Secure, which not many security providers in India possess.

Brig Jag Varma SM, VSM Veteran
President, Orion Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd.