In the Brave New World: the Impact of the Pandemic on the Role of a Security Guard

In the Brave New World: the Impact of the Pandemic on the Role of a Security Guard

The pandemic has transformed the way we work, shop, travel, and live our lives. At the same time, it has also had a huge impact on the role of security guards, especially manned guarding services. The security guards have seen a major change in their activities and responsibilities as they are working together to protect the community and prevent the spread of the virus. Though these people are not recognized as frontline workers, but one cannot ignore their immense contributions towards keeping everyone safe and secure.

Manned security guards are still performing their regular activities like surveillance and monitoring of the premises, controlling CCTV systems, alerting authorities in case of emergencies, keeping track of unusual activities, and ensuring that the premises are secured at all times. But due to the pandemic, the role of the security guards has now transformed into a more front-facing or customer-facing role.

The security guards are responsible for dealing with the crowd and the vendors at public venues. It is their responsibility to keep the numbers in control, ensuring everyone is following social distancing normal and safety protocols. At the same time, they have to take special care of the aged and differently-abled, keeping in mind all the safety concerns. These protocols need to be maintained even in areas like the parking lot, open areas, and places where queues can be formed.

Another major area of surveillance that has come up due to the pandemic is the closed facilities. The pandemic had forced almost all businesses to shut down their offices and stores. But they need to be manned for patrolling and guarding these closed facilities. The guards are responsible for facility management and prevent any kind of loss to the property. Additionally, the guards are responsible to check the fire systems, make sure that they are functional, and act promptly in case of any fire or other emergency situations.

As a result of the pandemic, the role of the security guards has become more direct, leading to bigger crowd facing activities, wherein they have to communicate directly with people and liaise between the business function and the incoming crowd. Thus, with changing scenarios the guards are facing new challenges and they need to constantly update themselves to stay on top of their game.

The pandemic has brought in new challenges to the manned guarding services. Not every security agency can deal with these rapid levels of transformation. Fortunately, you have someone who is already equipped to meet the new challenges brought in by the pandemic. The security personnel at Orion Secure are well trained to handle the latest situations. They have been given special training on the new safety norms and also on how to handle more crowd-facing scenarios. Besides, there have been special training in case of fire, water, or any other kinds of emergencies. The security guards at Orion Secure are now well-equipped to handle any kind of situation. They have already been deployed at multiple sites across India and they have performed beyond the expectations of the client.

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