Facility Management Technology Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

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Technological advancements have impacted organizations both big and small. However, in order to benefit from these technological advancements, one has to implement them smartly. At Orion Secure, the best facility management company in India, we believe that technology must allow us to save time, improve the effectiveness of the resources we use, and add value to the products or services we are selling.

Technological advancements can be used in facilities management to get great results. It can lead to a decrease in downtime, decrease in maintenance costs, improvements in the lifespan of equipment and structures, improvements in space flow and capacity, added value for the customer, and so on.

Here's a look at some specific examples of how technology is slated to impact the facilities management sector and how we stand to benefit from it.

1. Building Information Modelling

Building information management, as the name suggests, enables Facility Managers to access a complete visual model of facilities, assets, and infrastructure. Companies offering security and facility management services can harness the power of these tools for project management, delivery, and data accessibility. Facility teams can achieve an improved ability to retrieve accurate asset information and insights by using facility maintenance software.

2. Usage of Drones

Drones offer many practical advantages in the facilities management services India. They are not dependent on favourable weather conditions to complete their tasks. They come in handy and safe alternatives as and when the need arises, especially to access potentially dangerous spaces and difficult terrains.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is reshaping the future of facilities management like never before. Right from more accurate predictions like projected earnings and future maintenance needs to more precise budgeting and planning, Artificial intelligence can help get actionable insights from data. Better understanding of operational data can lead to better standards of services. To maximize benefit from the use of AI, security and facility management services companies must invest in training and adoption to ensure that their employees use these solutions effectively.

4. Tracking and Productivity Software

Tracking and productivity software helps to collect and structure data. This makes it easy to follow and quickly access the right data at the right time. Tools like to-do lists, ticketing systems, workflow management , CRM etc. help save time and make your staff more productive. These tools streamline workflows and use data collection and analysis to improve and facilitate every phase of building management. Such tools also give periodic reminders so that important tasks are not missed out.

5. Automation

Digital Transformation has become essential for every sector and facilities management is no exception. The rapid pace of technological growth has the potential to make everything easier, data-driven and automated. Facilities management sector can be automated by making people, process, and technology work together to achieve superior results. For example, work related to invoices, inventory, repairs etc can be automated and taken care of in real time and the workforce can concentrate on more productive use cases to ensure continued success.

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