Enhance Your Physical Security With Electronic Key Control System

Enhance Your Physical Security With Electronic Key Control System

Physical security is an integral part of a security plan and is the cornerstone of all security efforts. Not having your physical assets properly guarded leaves businesses under the constant risk of theft. However, using the traditional key system can be a nightmare Access control is a modern and dependable way to provide access to your business premises. It also enables you to manage the location of your employees and visitors in a seamless process. Physical access control creates barriers to prevent unauthorized people from entering a physical space, which means that physical access control ensures that only those who are allowed to enter an area can enter it.

Selecting an access control system for your organization is a decision not to be taken lightly. It is important that the system you finally choose has the features you want at the right price. An integrated access control system that can be customized to work together with your existing security infrastructure can provide the ultimate protection for your premises. Here are the 4 ways Orion Secure, an allied security service in India can help you keep your space secured using an electronic key control system:


One of the best options to help prevent miscreants from breaking into high-security areas is by using an electronic key control system. You can use systems that require a unique password, a card, or fingerprint scanning in order to enter high-security areas. This helps eliminate internal theft as only a handful of people are given access. To further enhance security, some systems even record the number of times somebody has entered and left in a day.

Access Control

It’s very essential to enforce some level of access monitoring to prevent security breaches. You need to be aware at all times about who has access to your premises and assets, in order to not miss out on a vital layer of security. An electronic key control system, by Orion Secure, an allied security company in India, is used by several companies in India to limit access based on job roles, time, day, etc. This helps prevent employees from gaining access to restricted areas.


The manual key control system has a major drawback wherein you cannot detect the exact usage of a key. Orion Secure, a leader in allied security services in India, hence recommends an electronic key control system where the concerned authority is informed immediately in case of a security breach or a key being utilized way more times than necessary. This is one of the best ways to help detect and prevent potential security breaches.


There is nothing as reliable as video cameras, CCTV footage, and biometric fingerprint scanning. All these advanced technology options help identify people accessing the system. It also makes it easier to detect the culprit behind a security breach, in case a need arises. Motion-activated cameras are highly recommended by Orion Secure, a leading allied security company in India to help you see who has been trespassing around prohibited or restricted areas. A fingerprint reader gets biometrics into the equation, thereby further increasing and enhancing the level of protection.

Electronic key control system assists in meeting these four goals and providing the utmost level of security to your business. At Orion Secure, we help you find the security solutions that fit your needs, size, and budget. If you are looking for an excellent solution to meet your security needs that work well on their own and as part of a physical security network, then look no further than Orion Secure, an allied security company in India. We have professional expertise when it comes to providing reliable security solutions. To know more about our services visit http://orionsecure.co.in/