Emerging Trends in Security Industry in India

Emerging Trends in Security in India

1. Orion Secure USP has been that it perceives the immense importance of providing Security Services fused with contemporary and futuristic technology. This vision of CMD has led to formation of ‘ORION TECH’ as our Technology Services vertical under direct supervision of CMD. The operative theme being in the understanding ‘TECH TRENDS’ which will avoid our Security Services from becoming OUTDATED.

2. Orion Secure has holistically deliberated, Brain Stormed and Deduced the following emerging trends. Orion Secure is fully organized and prepared to not only absorb the nitty gritties of futuristic technology but also provide these Resources to our Esteemed and Discerning CLIENTS on OPEX OR CAPEX MODELS.

3. Our team of Technology Professionals will explain in detail to our desirous current and prospective clients. The emerging trends are listed in brief as under:-

  • Multi: Dimensional Perceptions
  • Multi: Intelligence Cameras
  • Proactive and Complete Security Systems
  • Ultra- High Definition
  • Visibility in all weather, any time and any condition
  • Hooking on to CLOUD
  • Cyber Security being an essential and Mandatory Requirement in above template

4. The above services would use AI and Video Surveillance as a service (VSaaS) in a big way. This would be complimented by 5G, Big Data, Smart Enterprise Operations and Stricter Data Protection Regulations.

5. OSTRAD- a skilling vertical of Orion Secure is in sync with above technology needs of our Esteemed Clients. It is not only running a state of art CCTV Training Center under the aegis of IITDA, AP at Bhadrachalam but is also planning to open Skilling and Training Centres in Conjunction with NSDC and Ministry of Skills and Direct Employment. These Centres would provide a steady pipeline of trained technicians to operate the New Age Futuristic technology wherever it is operationalised. This USP no other Security Solutions Providers has on her inventory.