Emerging Technology Trends in Facilities Management

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Technology is changing everything around us - the way we live, work and interact with people. Old processes and trends have become obsolete and given way to streamlined and lean processes powered by advanced technology solutions. Facilities management is one area that has been hugely impacted by technology developments, making it imperative for managers to be aware of the emerging trends in this area. Who better to discuss these trends than those who know facilities management in and out and emerge as the #1 facility management services in IndiaOrion Secure!

Outsourcing activities

Historically only cleaning and janitorial services were outsourced but the range of functions now includes equipment maintenance, repairs, facility design, property management, energy management, and so on. It might seem overwhelming at first, but once you start realizing the cost benefits and service quality you would realize the benefits of outsourcing.

Integrated facility management service

You need not give a second thought when the experts are here to effectively manage your facility. Partner with us, one of the best facility management services in India and see how we simplify your day-to-day operations. Our experts will take care of everything inside the facility, from equipment maintenance to janitorial services, we have got you all covered. Even the industry is now moving toward integrated facility management services.

Care for your employees

Do you have daycare facilities on your premises? What recreational activities do you offer to your employees? The present-day workplaces are focused on employee engagement and motivation. There should be areas for recreation, games, social connections, and large-scale events. These might seem like cost investments, but the returns would be multi-fold with increased employee motivation and productivity.

Futuristic workplace

Think about the devices and tools inside the workplace. Do you have the latest set of equipment? Have you built a world-class technology-powered infrastructure? You should deploy the best security systems, provide the latest tools and workbenches to your employees, and build your premises with the best-in-class innovative products. The intention is to make your workplace or facility smarter.

Introduction to robot

By robots, we do not mean you replace employees with robots but think about automation or redundant activities that can be better performed by robots. Though these ideas might seem a bit futuristic, they are soon going to be a new reality. We do see organizations using chatbots and virtual assistants to solve common and simple problems, making lives easier and simpler for employees.

Augmented reality

This technology would build a real-life experience for people, wherever they go. We might not ask you to encourage employees to play PokemonGo but think about AR being implemented in an airport facility, or for warehouse management. No doubt, it would enhance the experience as well as make employees more efficient.

Technology has transformed facility management services and it is high time that you adopt these new and emerging trends. The best way to stay on top of your facility is by partnering with us, Orion Secure, the #1 for facility management services in India.

Facility Management Technology Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

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