Debunking Common Myths Around Security Guard Services

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Security guards play a crucial role in safeguarding businesses from threats and vandalism. They protect premises and assets from miscreants and thieves, ensure the safety and protection of all the employees, manage evacuations in case of emergencies, and also deal with unprecedented natural calamities. The role of security guard services varies from day to day, business to business, geography to geography, making it difficult to have a clear job description, leading to several misconceptions about security guards.

If you are a business owner, you need to clear these misconceptions and debunk the common myths around security guard services.

Anyone can become a security guard

A common misconception is that you do not require any training to join the security guard services. The reality is very different. As one of the best security companies in India, we only employ well-trained and certified professionals. Did you know that every industry, every state has its own regulations and guidelines, and security guards need to comply with all of them? It is never a cakewalk!

Security guards are big and brawny in stature

There is a stereotype around the physique of security guards, that they are always big and intimidating in their physical stature. It might be true for casinos or nightclubs where it suits the environment and the business conducted, but for normal business parks or shopping malls, this is an absolute myth. Security guards need to be smart, have good instincts, and be able to act quickly in case of any emergencies; it has nothing to do with the physical stature of the person.

Security guards don’t do anything

Motion pictures have given us the impression that security guards just sit inside their booth, watch television or read magazines, or play mobile games, and practically do nothing. They are oblivion to events happening around them. This is far from reality. They patrol the premises, and they are the first line of defense in case of any unwanted or natural calamity. Security guards stay vigilant and protect your business throughout the day and night.

Security guards do not help the general public

Many are of the opinion that these guards are rude and do not interact with the public. Whereas the reality is that they are the first point of contact for directions or help inside any business or commercial premise. You need help with parking, you need help with finding an office, you need help with the elevator; the first person to approach would be the nearest security guard. They are polite and always willing to assist you.

Security guard services are costly

Business owners incur a lot of expenses and hence they feel hiring guards would hugely add up to the costs. Security guards can only be afforded by rich businessmen or wealthy people. But in fact, the reality is you need not pay a fortune to avail yourself of services from the best security companies in India. At Orion Secure we would suggest you the best solutions or design a customized solution for your business within your budget.

Debunk the myths around security guards and contact Orion Secure today, the #1 company when it comes to security guard services in India.

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