Create a Reliable and Efficient Workspace Environment With Our Facility Management Services

Facility Management Services

Orion Secure is the market leader of facility management services in India. The company has a diverse portfolio of services that includes security management, facility management, security guard services, etc. We work to improve the efficiency and reliability of client workspaces through our resources. As the best facility management company in India with an impressive track record of various services, we have continuously enhanced the brand value of our clients.

We offer a broad range of facility management services in India. The expert workforce of Orion Secure is capable of handling all kinds of security and facility management services as per client requirements. Our professional staff has the necessary skillsets and resources to help you tackle common facility management issues. Our top-notch staff abide by the values of professionalism to achieve the industry’s best benchmarks on its services.

We offer best-in-class janitorial services in India that bespeak our uncompromising commitment towards quality. Our professionals use the best equipment and latest technology to care for your janitorial needs. Our professional janitors embody our long-standing commitment to customer experience. We endeavour to meet customer expectations on quality services.

Best facility management company in India

Our other facilities services in India include pantry services, electromechanical services and strategic tie-ups with FMs to improve our brand presence in the market. Our pantry staff is well-versed to take care of your needs in the most professional way. We add value to your brand by helping your serve clients better. With a highly experienced team of professional engineers, we help you with various services to enhance efficiency of your operations. Our portfolio of services includes secure and safe services for utilities, sewage removal, pest control, HVAC, concierge/reception/support staff, annual maintenance contracts etc. We have also partnered with popular FM product companies to ensure the quality of our services.

We offer various security services to ensure client safety. Our security team employs devices that conform with the latest technological breakthroughs and intelligence. We are also highly differentiated from our market peers for manned guarding services. Our allied security team also features true professionals who take the core elements of safety and protection seriously. We partner with clients to help them realise their organisational goals efficiently and profitably.

A key venture of our security and facility management services is the employment and training of rural and unemployed youth. We take this initiative to the best of our corporate interests and improve the prospects of rural youth who suffer the misery of unemployment. Our professional trainers use state-of-the-art equipment to train the professionals on the various aspects of security and protection.

Our services are legendary in facility management and security solutions. We have a network of highly talented and trained professionals looking to serve your business needs. Orion Secure’s commitment to preserving clients' satisfaction is the real secret of its global success. With world-class security and facility management services, Orion Secure ensures customer success in all verticals. To know more about our services, visit

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