Build A Superior Learning Environment In Your Educational Facilities With Our Facility Management Services

Facility Management Services

A well-maintained and managed educational facility, be it a school, a college or a university is very important as it ensures a productive learning environment. A well-maintained facility can be of key value to helping students and faculty function at their best. Orion Secure, a leading facility management company in India brings you the best facility management services at competitive prices. Our innovative solutions not only help increase the teaching efficiency of your staff but also helps create a better learning environment for the students.

Some of the major factors that come together to form the basics of our facility management services for educational institutions include:

Building Maintenance

Keeping school facilities in good shape is an important aspect of day-to-day operations. Because buildings vary in age and construction type, frequent surveys, inspections, and assessments are required. Our proactive maintenance can help you get more usage out of your school facilities and equipment. For example, electrical maintenance, such as lights, elevators, and air conditioning, needs rigorous procedures and monitoring for optimal functioning.

Management of Space

With so many daily activities to plan for, educational institutions require a real-time space management system. Staff should be able to organize their tasks and be aware of the furniture, tools, and equipment that is available. We can suggest a customizable space management system for your facility to maximize space utilization.

Sustainability and Environmental Improvements

Buildings have a significant environmental impact, accounting for around 45 percent of CO2 emissions. At Orion Secure, one of the leading facilities management services companies in India, we offer a continuous and collaborative effort to help your institution meet its environmental and sustainability goals.

Health and Safety along with Equipment Maintenance

Regular maintenance is required for playgrounds, sports equipment, and swimming pools for student safety. It's also necessary to take care of trees, grass, and any outside storage like diesel for generators. If not maintained properly, each of these elements could pose a security risk and endanger the lives of your students.

The management of pricey school IT equipment is becoming increasingly important as the usage of computers and technology for educational purposes grows. We offer asset monitoring and tagging systems that are an efficient technique to avoid incurring costs related to the loss or theft of such equipment.

Emergency Protocols

Risk assessments are conducted on a regular basis to keep students and teachers safe. This entails keeping an eye on things like fire doors, extinguishers, and hose reels. As a regular part of our facilities management services, we examine your fire and smoke alarm systems and practice fire drills.


Installing code-based entry systems, CCTV, floodlighting, intruder alarms, or restricting access to portions of the facility can all help to safeguard and protect your students. We offer you the best facility management services that are a superb combination of Man-tech.

At Orion Secure we provide tailored facility management services for diverse customers, spanning sectors like education, corporate, government and manufacturing. We thoroughly understand the importance of delivering a customer-first service and we work closely with you to understand your strategic and operational environment and then offer customized solutions. To know more about our services, visit

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