5 Ways to Improve Physical Security in Your Organization

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Your physical security is the first line of defense again any thefts, vandalism, trespassing, or any other unwanted activity that might lead to severe damages for your organization. However, many-a-times organizations tend to underemphasize physical security and focus completely on cyber security and network security measures. While it is essential to safeguard your digital assets and data, it is equally critical to have robust physical security services in place.

Every organization is unique and so are its requirements for physical security. It might look like a formidable task and a huge investment when you decide to do everything by yourself. This is where the best manned guarding services in India can help you. The expert consultants will sit with you, understand your requirements and thus design a customized plan for your organization.

Let us look into the top strategies to improve physical security in your organization –

Establish physical entry controls within your premises

Right from security cameras on the boundary walls to the biometric scanner at the doors of your data center, all the areas must be covered, and physical security perimeters must be in place. This will ensure that there is no unauthorized entry, will secure sensitive areas, and help you detect physical intrusions and trespassing.

Implement steps to mitigate natural disaster

Be it fire, floods, or earthquakes, your manned guarding services will be the most crucial element that would save you from incurring humongous losses. Security services will install smoke alarms, sprinklers, and water evacuation channels across the premises. At the same time, they would design and map the exit routes in case of an emergency. On top of that, these professionals would also conduct mock drills and train your employees with the best set of emergency evacuation procedures

Regular maintenance of support facilities

Your business will not run smoothly if you do not have proper support facilities like electricity, natural gas, water and sewage routes, and HVAC systems. Security guards conduct regular inspections and preventive maintenance of these facilities. They have now gone a step ahead and conducted predictive maintenance, saving your resources from future damages.

Secure telecommunication and power cables

Taking care of your power cables and telecommunication lines will protect you from numerous troubles. These lines fuel your business and take care of information exchange. Enterprise security should track cables, identify potential risks, and eliminate them before they pose a threat. These lines need protection against damage, interference, or interceptions.

Secure assets off-premises

In the age of the remote working models, most organizations have allowed employees to take assets and media off-premises. Security controls should ensure that all are encrypted, all media resources are protected, and no asset is misused for any personal gains. There should not be any unauthorized use of the organization’s assets, and everyone should be responsible for handling critical information.

No doubt, physical security is of paramount importance for your business, and you cannot risk opting for the second best. Orion Secure, is the #1 manned guarding security service in India, offering you a comprehensive physical security solution that is both, customized and future proof.

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