5 Factors to Consider When Maintaining Educational Facilities

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Security and facility management services for schools, academies, and educational institutes is a challenging task. But if proper care is taken about the facility management services then it can improve the overall culture of the school and aid in the better development of the students. Facility management services require special care and planning. It would prove to be a daunting task for teachers and faculty members to look into these strategies. It would put undue pressure on them and they would get deviated and lose focus from their primary activity. This is where a facility management company in India comes into the picture. These organizations provide excellent services and take care of the entire premises and facilities management of the school.

Several factors must be considered when maintaining educational facilities –

Building and infrastructure

Regular maintenance of the school building and premises is an essential part of facility management. Regular inspections must be conducted and if needed, repair activities should be undertaken. But it must be kept in mind that the safety and hygiene of the students are of utmost importance, there should not be any compromise on that. Building maintenance includes monitoring the lights, air conditioners, fans, and other electrical equipment, along with lifts, water facilities, gas, and any other plumbing systems within the premises.

Risk Management

As a part of the security and facility management services, the facility manager would plan all the risk mitigation measures in case of emergencies like fire outbreaks. All the exit routes must be carefully planned and the students and faculty members must be educated about them. Regular fire drills are important and few staff members should be trained in operating the fire extinguishers in case of an emergency.

School Equipment

The playgrounds and sports equipment must be properly tended to. The garden area, trees, and plants within the school premises need proper care and pruning. Alongside, areas like gymnasium, swimming pool, and auditoriums must be regularly cleaned and sanitized. All the instruments in the lab should be compliant with the safety standards and all students must follow the safety protocols. With the rise of the digital, educational institutes have heavily invested in computers, networking infra, and IT-related gadgets. It is the responsibility of the facility manager to take care of this equipment and ensure that they are in proper working conditions.

Security Equipment

Protection of the students and children is of utmost importance. Hence, there has to be certain standard security protocols maintained. There must be CCTV cameras at multiple locations, card-based or restricted access to sensitive areas and laboratories, and alarm systems to notify about any intruder activity or emergencies. All the equipment must be up-to-date and in proper working conditions.

Contractor Management

Educational institutes hire contractors or third parties for facilities like canteens or cleaning and conservancy activities. As part of the facility management services, the manager should supervise these areas and ensure that health and hygiene protocols are being followed. Though the facility manager is not directly involved in these activities he is responsible for the overall function of these facilities.

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