5 Emerging Trends in Physical Security

5 Emerging Trends in Physical Security

Security as a service is constantly evolving. As an organization, one must continuously learn, adapt their thinking, and rethink their security offerings. At Orion Secure we continuously evaluate the new technologies and practices to better our services for our customers. Be it manned guarding security services or latest technological offerings; we constantly endeavour to provide innovative security solutions to help organizations thrive.

In the wake of the pandemic, it is imperative that organizations remain innovative about how they use, update, and redeploy their security systems across their premises in order to remain safe. Utilizing technology as a part of their physical security is more profitable as it enables organizations to identify unexpected threats. Here’s a look at top 5 emerging trends in physical security.

1. Biometrics are here to stay

The term biometrics is taken from the Greek language, bio, meaning life, and metric, meaning to measure. Biometric technologies enable the use of technology to identify a person based on some aspect of their biology. One of the first and original biometric technologies is fingerprint recognition. Nowadays facial recognition along with iris scanning is the most sought after biometric for security purposes. With the rapid improvement in biometric identification technologies, it is difficult to comprehend what they will look like in a few years. However, one thing that is certain is that passwords that were inherently difficult to use, change, and remember will remain in the past. With the threat of the pandemic still looming large, many organizations would definitely prefer non contact scanning for security purposes.

2. Mobile-Supported Security

Mobile devices can be used as authentication tokens especially in the fields as phones and other devices are network connected and can be updated live in the field. The security personnel in the manned guarding security services can get access on the go and there is no need to run back to the office each time something new is required.

3. Technology outsourcing is the future

It is not possible for organizations to buy unified security and management suites for every need. It is more feasible for organizations to partner with organizations with specialization in security to make security projects financially and logistically viable.

4. Integration of technology and physical security

Monitoring and tracking are an integral part of physical safety and security. Technology makes it simple and easy. Technology oriented physical security options like perimeter protection, video surveillance, cameras with sensors, motor vehicle tracking etc. can help physical security become more effective.

5. Analytics

Cloud connectivity and the internet of things (IoT) have become an integral part of the physical security of premises, assets, and people. The data from smart, interconnected systems of cameras and sensors can be used to produce powerful insights. This kind of intelligence can become a powerful tool for making informed security and operational decisions across many industries and sectors..

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