4 Risks Your Organization is Exposed to During Off Hours

4 Risks Your Organization is Exposed to During Off Hours

Have you secured your business premise comprehensively? Think again! What about the off hours or after work hours? No matter how long or when you have your off hours, your buildings and properties are at risk. Learn more about the risks and challenges that you might encounter during the off hours so that you can take the best safety measures to secure your premises.

Miscreants target unoccupied buildings

Every day post-work, when your buildings are almost empty, they become the targets for various malicious activities. It can be something minor like loitering or littering around your area, but it can be something dangerous and cost you a lot of money. The safety measure depends on the area of your building. In case your building is a bad neighborhood or in an isolated or remote area, then you might think about security cameras, physical security guards, as well as entry/exit checks and patrols. Again, if your office houses a lot of sensitive data, then you need to think about data and network security to protect them against any kind of cybercrime. You should partner with the best security company in India to plan your safety strategies during off hours.

Think about the safety of off hour workers

There are employees/workers who stay beyond the usual hours to complete tasks, prepare for an event, or even brainstorm solutions. If you have employees on your campus post-work hours, then you should consider their security. This is where we come into the picture, the top name amongst security companies in India. We ensure that there are security cameras, patrols and basic amenities present within the premises to ensure the safety of the employees.

Keep an eye on your vendors

There are many vendors or janitorial staff who work beyond the usual office hours to finish their activities. It can include cleaning services, janitorial services, infrastructure maintenance, or system upgrades. These people may not be diligent enough to follow all security measures. One door kept unlocked can turn into a serious security threat. As one of the best security companies in India, we would suggest you install monitored cameras and have strict access control for employees not directly under your payroll. To take things a notch ahead, we suggest a live patrolling of the sites by security guards once the vendors have completed their tasks.

Emergency disasters can always happen

Natural calamities and emergencies do not follow any pattern or schedule. During off hours, it becomes even more dangerous since there is no one to detect and prevent the spread. Hence your buildings and premises are susceptible to fire damage, flooding, or natural calamity wrecks. As the best security company in India, we recommend you have detectors and alarms all through the building. Our security guard services ensure diligent patrolling of the entire premise and report any damage, even minor so that it can be repaired immediately. Alongside, install cameras to monitor every nook and corner of the premises and in case of any breach, security officials must report to the respective authorities and business owners immediately.

Do you think your business is vulnerable to any of the above threats? If yes, then consult with us today. Orion Secure is the best security company in India with years of experience in security services, facility management, and training. Our experts will assess your buildings and premises, discuss your concerns, and then plan tailor-made security solutions for you. Once you join hands with us, be rest assured that the security of your premises is in the best hands. No matter what time of the day it is, we will ensure that your property and employees are always safeguarded.