Managing Complex HVAC Systems in Large Commercial Properties With a Facility Management Company

31 Mar, 2023

In large commercial properties, managing complex HVAC systems is crucial to maintaining a comfortable environment for tenants and employees. A well-functioning HVAC system not only provides temperature control but also affects indoor air quality and energy efficiency...

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Why Healthcare Organizations Need a Trusted Security Management Company

28 Mar, 2023

The safety of your healthcare organization is essential. Without it, you risk facing lawsuits, fines, or other legal penalties. That’s why having a trusted security management company to guard your premises is essential in maintaining the security of your healthcare facility...

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How the Best Security Company in India Uses Video Surveillance to Enhance Premises Safety

28 Mar, 2023

For business owners and property managers, safety is a top priority. One of the most effective solutions for keeping your premises secure is through proper video surveillance systems...

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Securing Your Financial Institution: Best Practices from Top Security Companies in India

23 Mar, 2023

Financial institutions are high-value targets for criminals, given their valuable assets. This makes it crucial for banks and other financial institutions to have robust security measures in place to ensure the safety of their premises and employees...

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The Impact of Outsourcing Facility Services on India's Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

27 Feb, 2023

When it comes to running a successful business, there are certain tasks that can be delegated. For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in India, one of the most important tasks to outsource is facility services...

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Best Practices of Access Control- Tips from the Top Facility Management Company

27 Feb, 2023

Having control over who comes and goes in your facility can be the difference between a secure and a vulnerable business. But what are the best practices to ensure that access control is working optimally? Here are the top insights from the pioneer facility management company in India...

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The Benefits of Implementing a CMMS in Facility Management Services

22 Feb, 2023

Do you ever feel like your facility management is running around in circles? Trying to maintain all the assets, schedule maintenance tasks, and keep things organized can be overwhelming. Well, don’t worry! There is a solution that can help make facility management services more professional...

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The Benefits of Customized Security Solutions From the Best Security Company in India

20 Feb, 2023

In this day and age, it’s no secret that security is a top priority for any business. But it can be hard to know where to begin to get the best protection for your company. Fortunately, there are companies in India that specialize in providing customized security solution...

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3 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Security Company in India

30 Jan, 2023

When it comes to protecting your business, hiring the right security company is crucial. There are many companies out there that offer a wide range of security services, from surveillance cameras to armed guards...

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Facility Management Company in India: Leveraging Technology for Improved Efficiency

25 Jan, 2023

It is no secret that technology has changed the way businesses are run. From streamlining communication to improving customer service, technology has revolutionized many aspects of how companies operate...

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Top Security Measures Used by Leading Security Companies in India

25 Jan, 2023

The world of security guard services has changed drastically over the past few decades. Gone are the days when a team of guards would patrol a property with nothing more than a flashlight and their trusty two-way radios...

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Factors Affecting The Cost of Security Services In India

13 Jan, 2023

Are you looking to secure your home, office, or business, but not sure how much it will cost? The cost of security services in India can vary greatly, leaving you feeling like you're playing a game of "Price is Right" with no idea what the actual cost should be...

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Don't Leave Your Security to Chance: the Benefits of Manned Guarding Services in India

27 Dec, 2022

As an entrepreneur, you know that it's important to protect your business. That can mean anything from keeping your data secure to having a solid plan for emergencies. But what about protecting your physical space? Manned guarding services in India provide peace of mind by ensuring the safety and security of your premises...

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4 Businesses That Need Security Guard Services the Most

23 Dec, 2022

It’s no secret that having a security guard on site is important for any business. But what businesses should be enlisting security guard services in India the most? Well, here are fout businesses that would benefit from the added protection of a security guard...

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Your Ultimate Guide to Facility Management Services in India

22 Dec, 2022

Every business needs facility management services, but what are they? Think of it this way: your business premises (or facilities) are like vehicles. They need regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. And just like a car needs oil changes, brakes checked, and filters changed...

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Why Integrated Security Solutions in India are the Best Option for Safety

13 Dec, 2022

With cyberattacks on the rise, it’s no wonder businesses are looking for a one-stop solution for their security needs. Luckily, integrated security solutions in India are just what you’re looking for. These solutions combine multiple security layers into a single package, ensuring that your business is protected from all angles...

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What to Expect From a Good Facility Management Company in India?

17 Nov, 2022

As a business owner, you have enough on your plate without having to worry about the day-to-day maintenance of your facility. That's where a good facility management company comes in. A good facility management company in India will take care of all the details of running your facility so that you can focus on what you do best: running your business...

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How to Optimize Your Facilities with Facility Management Services

17 Nov, 2022

If you're a business owner, chances are you're always looking for ways to optimize your business and increase efficiency. One way to do this is by integrating a facility management program. Facility management is the process of organizing, coordinating, and controlling all the operations...

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Things to Look Out for in Security Agencies in India

15 Nov, 2022

If you're looking for a security agency in India, there are a few things you should keep in mind. You want to make sure that the company is reputable, has the experience, is affordable, and has a good track record...

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The Many Benefits of Hiring Security Guard Services

10 Nov, 2022

When it comes to security, there's no such thing as being too cautious. Whether you're a business owner or a private individual, hiring a security guard service is always a good idea. Not only will you have peace of mind knowing that someone is keeping an eye on your property...

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Facility Managers: The Unsung Heroes Of The Workplace

27 Oct, 2022

Let's face it, the workplace can be a pretty thankless place. You're toiling away day in and day out, putting in long hours, and at the end of the day, all you want is to go home to your family and put your feet up...

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Top Myths About Security Companies in India

21 Oct, 2022

If you're like most people, when you think of security companies, a few things probably come to mind. Maybe you think of burly guys in black suits standing around looking intimidating...

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One Trusted Name for Facility Management Services in India

19 Oct, 2022

You want your facility to be comfortable, safe, and running smoothly at all times. But sometimes, it can feel like there's just too much to keep up with. That's where we come in. We're experts in facility management, and we're here to help...

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How to Choose the Best Security Company In India for Your Business

12 Oct, 2022

If you are responsible for the security of commercial premises, then you will know that it is a big responsibility. There are many things to consider when it comes to security, and one of the most important decisions you will make is choosing the best security company in India...

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How Facility Management Services Company Can Improve Your Workspace?

28 Sep, 2022

If you're not familiar with the term "facility management," it's time to learn about this essential business function. A facility management services company ensures the process of coordinating the physical workplace...

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Why Firms Need To Choose The Best Facility Management Company

26 Sep, 2022

Managing a business is hard enough without having to worry about the maintenance and upkeep of the building itself. That's where facility management comes in...

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Why Your Business Needs To Rely On A Security Company In India

21 Sep, 2022

In today's world, security is more important than ever before. With the rise of terrorism and the increasing sophistication of cyber criminals...

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Why You Need To Protect Your Warehouses With The Best Security Companies In India

20 Sep, 2022

If you manage a warehouse, you know that security is important. After all, you've got valuable inventory sitting around, just waiting to be stolen...

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Digitalization Trends for Facility Management in 2022

31 Aug, 2022

As a result of technological advancements and social change, we use automation to replace numerous manual tasks. The trends in facility management evolve as people's technology usage does...

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The Complete Guide of Facility Management in Offices

30 Aug, 2022

Recent years have seen a significant change in the way we operate. More workers are working from home, offices are becoming more empty, and collaboration methods have changed...

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The Changing Landscape for Security Companies in India

22 Aug, 2022

We are playing a significant part in the world's transition to a safe and secure future. The field of altering the landscape of security businesses, the foundation of the country, is no longer a new one. ..

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Why You Need To Outsource Your Company's Security Needs

22 Aug, 2022

The decision to outsource your company's security requirements has a number of advantages. Outsourcing will save expenses, reduce risk, lessen administrative duties, and boost flexibility, whether you're wanting to engage security professionals on a short-term or long-term basis...

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Providing The Best In Class Facility Management To Our Clients

24 Jul, 2022

Over the past few decades, India's facility management industry has grown significantly, and the country's leading facility management firms now control the majority of the market. Continue reading to learn more about the factors and patterns that have helped the facility management sector in India flourish...

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Learn How Effective Facility Management Can Reduce Costs

23 Jul, 2022

It should go without saying that expensive machinery needs routine maintenance. The top facilities management companies regularly monitor assets, which leads to longer performance. We are aware of the fact that the less often you need to replace assets, the more money your facility will need to invest in future ground expansion...

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How to Find the Best Private Security Services for VIPs

14 Jul, 2022

No matter who you are or how wealthy or influential you may be, the world is a dangerous and occasionally terrifying place. These threats don't actually go away. In fact, VIPs and other well-known figures are frequently in particular danger because they may draw unwelcome attention from misguided admirers...

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Modernizing Physical Security With Reinforced Training Comprising Latest Trends And Technology

12 Jul, 2022

Unimaginable techniques have been found to disrupt business in this decade. An enormous revolution has taken place in the way that assets, personnel, and workplaces operate and interact with one another within an organization...

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The Relevance of Manned Guarding Services in India

26 Jun, 2022

Traditional manned guarding services in India are becoming viewed as less vital due to the increasing omnipotence of CCTV cameras, motion detectors, and comprehensive intruder warning systems...

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Trending Technology for Facilities Services in India

25 Jun, 2022

The world of facility services in India is constantly changing. Today's facility managers are entrusted with not only improving operations and lowering costs, but also providing a more pleasant working environment...

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The Rising Challenges for a Security Company in India

22 Jun, 2022

The increasing commercial activity across a number of economic sectors and problems in hiring new staff has generated a set of hurdles for security companies in India and their clients. Many companies continue to have all or a major percentage of their personnel working remotely...

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The Need to Enlist the Services of a Facility Management Company in India

09 Jun, 2022

Perpetuating a professional look to customers is the best thing that companies can do to sustain business. Facility management services is one such activity that sustains the goodwill of your organization with scheduled and routine maintenance...

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A Perfect Combination of Bravery and Intelligence

04 Jun, 2022

Statement from a Bank Branch Head regarding our Security Guard Bravery. Mr. Mohan Patel (Security Guard), the HERO of 30th April 2022 incident...

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The Growing Need For A Responsible Facility Management Company In India

24 May, 2022

The physical environment-be it an office floor, restaurant or retail space-can tell a lot about your business. Therefore, you need to invest in activities that can entail it with a professional outlook. This is where facility management comes into play...

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Technology As An Enabler For Career Growth

21 May, 2022

With new upended urgency and change of priorities amidst us, employees around the world are hungry to develop new skills to achieve their goals. In fact, 85% of people want technology to help define their future and over half of respondents are more likely to stay with a company that uses technology to support career growth...

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Securing Business with Manned Guarding Services

20 May, 2022

Manned guarding security services include hiring security personnel or guards who are specifically trained to safeguard people, assets, and property by discouraging crime, illegal entrance, and assault. In India, there are numerous prospects in the field of manned guarding services...

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Protect Your Premises Efficiently With Integrated Security Solutions

17 May, 2022

Multiple gadgets and systems are now accessible, thanks to technological advancements, to establish an integrated security solution for your house or business. Managing many systems and devices, such as alarm systems, CCTVs, surveillance networks, cards, and access control, is a difficult task...

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Overcoming Security & Safety Challenges in a Post Pandemic World

16 May, 2022

In a world which we are a witness to today, the only thing which sustains us is an ever-deteriorating security environment, fuelled by rising crime, discontent, and strife, mostly caused by years of confinement...

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Benchmarks of the Best Security Company in India

12 May, 2022

Organizations entrust security companies to safeguard their infrastructure and resources. Security services serve as visual deterrents to offenders and help businesses protect their premises. While there are many providers in the country, choosing the best security company in India is often a tedious and time-consuming task...

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Succession & Planning - HR Strategies

28 April, 2022

Succession planning is a strategy for identifying and developing future leaders at your company — not just at the top but for major roles at all levels. It helps your business prepare for all contingencies by preparing high-potential workers for advancement...

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Build A Superior Learning Environment In Your Educational Facilities With Our Facility Management Services

21 April, 2022

A well-maintained and managed educational facility, be it a school, a college or a university is very important as it ensures a productive learning environment. A well-maintained facility can be of key value to helping students and faculty function at their best...

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How Man Guarding Security Equals Peace of Mind

20 April, 2022

Man guarding security services is one of our most popular security solutions. At Orion Secure we offer a diverse range of security services in India that meet the industry’s benchmarks of quality and standard...

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Power of HR Analytics

10 April, 2022

HR plays an important role in business outcomes, and in today’s data-driven world utilizing data provides a key advantage in terms of decision-making and competitive advantage...

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5 Tips to Choose the Best Security Company in India

8 April, 2022

Security is the primary focus priority of running a competent business. Your employees, clients, and other stakeholders would want to work in a safe and secure environment. Companies doing security services in India are plenty, but you need to find the best security company in India to fulfill your needs...

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Integrated Security Solutions For Advanced Hotel Security

4 April, 2022

When it comes to security, nothing can beat integrated security solutions. Offering a multi-layered system consisting of intrusion detection, alarm notifications, a 24/7 staff, commercial access control...

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Nurturing Talent, Fostering A Positive Culture

30 March, 2022

A strong and long-lasting workplace culture is an environment where creativity is cherished, risk-taking is embraced and encouraged, communication is critical, and resources are committed...

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Reduce Your Security Risk With Our Integrated Security Solutions

24 March, 2022

Orion Secure offers the most comprehensive and secure integrated security solutions in India. Our security management solutions help to protect the important assets of businesses...

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Create a Reliable and Efficient Workspace Environment With Our Facility Management Services

17 March, 2022

Orion Secure is the market leader of facility management services in India. The company has a diverse portfolio of services that includes security management, facility management, security guard services, etc...

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Celebrating 17 Years of Glory Upwards and Onwards

17 March, 2022

Today we are celebrating our company’s (17th) anniversary. Our healthy organization started with the incorporation of core human values, such as Trust, Integrity, and Teamwork...

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Leading Into The Future With Women Security Guards

10 March, 2022

Men make better security guards than women – this is a clear misconception present across the world. The gender gap in the security industry is not just a mere assumption, but there are numbers to testify the facts...

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Absence of Security Guards at Banks Can Really Be a Huge Security Risk

05 March, 2022

Security at banks and other financial institutions is of paramount importance. Do you have security guards at your bank locations? If not, now is the time to add them. Their presence does not only provide the ultimate security protection, but they also give your customers a solid peace of mind...

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Emerging Technology Trends in Facilities Management

28 February, 2022

Technology is changing everything around us - the way we live, work and interact with people. Old processes and trends have become obsolete and given way to streamlined and lean processes powered by advanced technology solutions.

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5 Ways to Improve Physical Security in Your Organization

26 February, 2022

Your physical security is the first line of defense again any thefts, vandalism, trespassing, or any other unwanted activity that might lead to severe damages for your organization. However, many-a-times organizations tend to underemphasize physical security

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Debunking Common Myths Around Security Guard Services

16 February, 2022

Security guards play a crucial role in safeguarding businesses from threats and vandalism. They protect premises and assets from miscreants and thieves, ensure the safety and protection of all the employees

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Security Cameras Are Important! Here's Why

7 February, 2022

Do you need surveillance cameras? The answer is a resounding Yes! Crime rates are not only increasing but criminals and miscreants are developing new and improved ways to cause damage to your busines.

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5 Efficient and Effective Ways to Keep Your Business Safe

24 January, 2022

Safety and security are imperative for every business. You should protect your premises, infrastructure, and provide a safe working environment for your employees. Business security is not just a matter of protecting your assets,

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Secure Your Business with Integrated Security Solutions

18 January, 2022

Security, both physical and network is an essential component of any business. Research conducted by IBM and Ponemon Institute shows that the average cost of a data breach in 2021 was US$ 4.24 million, a 10% rise from the average cost in 2019.

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Improve Patient Care with Hospital Facility Management Services

14 January, 2022

The goal of any healthcare facility is to create an environment of care where patients get world-class treatment. To build such an environment, you need to take care of the hospital management, security, facilities, maintenance.

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Tailored Solutions That Ensure the Safety and Security of Your Facility and People

3 January, 2022

Are you thinking of hiring manned guarding services for your facility? But you might be concerned that you would get a generic solution that might not suit your people and facility! No worries, we at Orion Secure will ensure that you have the best-suited solution.

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Emerging Trends in Security Industry in India

26 December, 2021

Orion Secure USP has been that it perceives the immense importance of providing Security Services fused with contemporary and futuristic technology. This vision of CMD has led to formation of ‘ORION TECH’ as our Technology Services vertical under direct supervision of CMD.

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Keeping Building and Assets Safe with Allied Security Services

24 December, 2021

If you want to secure your premises and keep information and assets secured then, you need to establish access control and perimeter security. At Orion Secure, we use the latest technologies and trained professionals to deliver the best-suited security services for your business.

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Facility Management Technology Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

17 December, 2021

Technological advancements have impacted organizations both big and small. However, in order to benefit from these technological advancements, one has to implement them smartly. At Orion Secure, the best facility management company in India, we believe that technology must allow us to save time.

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Boosting Hotel Security - Keep Your Guests Safe and Secure

10 December, 2021

One of the most demanding sectors in the security business is the hospitality sector. With hotel security standards subject to constant analysis, it’s particularly important that you should have nothing less than the best when it comes to the security of your hotel.

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Top 3 Physical Security Risks for Your Organization

06 December, 2021

Physical security refers to the act of protecting organizational assets such as people, property, systems, and IT infrastructure from coming to harm as a result of physical events. Both manmade and natural disasters can be classified under physical security risk factors.

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Create a Win-Win Situation for Your Business by Using a Facilities Management Services

29 November, 2021

Facilities management improves the health and safety by enforcing health and safety standards which can go a long way in reducing the risk of workplace hazards. Having an in-house facilities management team can be a significant cost to an organization.

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5 Emerging Trends in Physical Security

24 November, 2021

Security as a service is constantly evolving. As an organization, one must continuously learn, adapt their thinking, and rethink their security offerings. At Orion Secure we continuously evaluate the new technologies and practices to better our services for our customers.

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Lowest cost or ‘L1’ is no longer the only way to select bidders for Government contracts

22 November, 2021

Big Bang Reform Quietly Done L1 Will No Longer Be Default Way to Select Contractors and Vendors for Government Projects.The above long-needed reform equally affects the Security and Facilities Industry as well. It was a norm to quote Rs 0.01 as Service Charge to become L1.

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Why Organizations Choose to Use Electronic Access Control

16 November, 2021

Access controls or especially electronic controls might sound like heavyweight control measures required only for high-security places. But the reality is that access controls are an integral part of the allied security services umbrella.

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Best Practices for Industrial and Construction Site Security

11 November, 2021

Industrial or construction sites house a plethora of materials, equipment, and vehicles, and the majority of them are expensive items. Hence, their protection and security are extremely important. Without any second thoughts, you should consider one of the best security companies in India for safeguarding your site.

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4 Risks Your Organization is Exposed to During Off Hours

30 October, 2021

Have you secured your business premise comprehensively? Think again! What about the off hours or after work hours? No matter how long or when you have your off hours, your buildings and properties are at risk. Learn more about the risks and challenges that you might encounter during the off hours so that you can take the best safety measures to secure your premises.

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Manned Guarding and Technology - Setting the Stage for Collaborative Sustenance

25 October, 2021

Rapidly improving technology has amped up manned guarding security services in India. Did you know that when combined with advanced technology, the outcome of monitoring activities or mitigating security risks can reduce multifold?

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3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Improve Physical Security

16 October, 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed the way the security industry works in a major way. Something that was a part of science fiction a few years ago, like computerized automation of tasks has become an integral part of our everyday lives.

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Save Costs and Reduce Downtime With Preventive Maintenance Program for Your Facility

8 October, 2021

Preventive maintenance is not a novel idea nor is it rocket science. But many organizations fail to implement robust preventive maintenance measures in place, resulting in significant financial losses. What is this idea and what are its benefits? This article will show how you can save costs and reduce downtime with an effective preventive maintenance program in place.

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The Role of Biometrics in Physical Security

30 September, 2021

With the advancement in technology, security systems have also evolved as we witness the rapid adoption of biometric security solutions across the industry. Today, these systems are not just present in high-security zones but also in educational institutes and residential complexes.

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Return to Work and the Role of Facilities Management

24 September, 2021

The year 2020, completely transformed everything across the world, from the way we live to the way we work, everything has gone through a massive change. As things are slowly normalizing, people are adapting to the new modes of delivering work.

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Inadequate Security Guard Training Could Endanger Safety

18 September, 2021

We are committed to leading the way in security training and provide our security guards with the skills and knowledge needed to stand apart from the crowd.

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Keep Your People and Organization Safe With These Physical Security Awareness Tips

18 September, 2021

Physical security in an organization is crucial for the safety of the people and protecting the infrastructure within the premises. A robust manned guarding security service is required for protecting your organization from crime, thefts, vandalism, violent acts, and natural calamities.

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The Impact of Taliban Ascendency

15 September, 2021

The common refrain that the USA was kicked out of Afghanistan may not be wholly true. I suspect the US wanted this outcome, may be in a more orderly fashion than it actually happened.

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Enhance Your Physical Security With Electronic Key Control System

13 September, 2021

Physical security is an integral part of a security plan and is the cornerstone of all security efforts. Not having your physical assets properly guarded leaves businesses under the constant risk of theft.

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Future-Proof Your Physical Security

26 August, 2021

It is said that to stay relevant you need to constantly update and upgrade. And just like any other profession in the world this is equally true for security guards’ profession.

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Skilling India: Improving Employability of Rural Youth With DDU-GKY Program

23 August, 2021

The Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) announced the Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana (DDU-GKY) Antyodaya Diwas, on 25th September 2014. DDU-GKY is a part of the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM).

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Build Competitive Advantage with Our Facility Management Services

20 August, 2021

Facility management services are the key to a smooth and hassle-free functioning of an organization and maintain business continuity. Businesses can reduce their operational expenses and enhance their productivity with our facility management services in multiple ways.

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Security Made Effective with Industry-Leading Security Solutions

12 August, 2021

Business security is an indispensable component for any organization. As technology evolves, so does the need for advanced security and integrated solutions.

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Putting People First – Wellbeing at the Workplace

12 August, 2021

Historically, wellbeing initiatives were limited to peripheral health benefits. Now, we are aware that employee wellbeing is more than just absence of illness among our employees. Employee wellbeing is about optimizing the health of all employees.

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Top Qualities For Becoming an Excellent Security Guard

06 August, 2021

Every business, residential complex, school, hospital, or any place where people live, work, or spend a majority of their time needs security services. It has become an essential part of any establishment. Security guards protect the premises.

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Helping Organizations Achieve Sustainable Development Goals

02 August, 2021

Development and Conservation have traditionally been mutually exclusive. The increasing biotic pressure with advancement in technology and changing concept has led to these two words becoming a parallel activity.

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Delivering High-quality Outcomes With Integrated Security Solutions

30 July, 2021

In a world of evolving risks and increasing demand for security services, you need a trusted allied security services partner for one-stop security services solutions. Our approach is to provide an integrated security service combining security personnel, security systems and technology services, and several professional services.

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In the Brave New World: the Impact of the Pandemic on the Role of a Security Guard

23 July, 2021

The pandemic has transformed the way we work, shop, travel, and live our lives. At the same time, it has also had a huge impact on the role of security guards, especially manned guarding services.

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Employee First - COVID19 Vaccination Drive at Orion Secure

22 July, 2021

The MoHFW in its FAQs on COVID-19 vaccine has clearly stated that the vaccination for COVID19 is voluntary. Consequently, it is difficult for employers to make vaccinations mandatory. In a situation where there is hesitancy for vaccination, we as an employer have explored multiple innovative ways to incentivize our employees, one of which is in the form of paid leaves in addition to the existing CL/SL/EL leaves.

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Build Your Emergency Preparedness and Response Capacity

15 July, 2021

The safety and security of employees and visitors should be of paramount importance for any organization. Unless you have a secured environment, your employees would not be able to perform to the best of their abilities.

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Delivering Best Security Solutions with Skill and Passion

7 July, 2021

Hospitals play a crucial role in the healthcare system of a state or nation. Over the past two years, the entire world has realized the importance of hospitals in the healthcare system.

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Premises Security and Safety in the Wake of Covid-19

3 July, 2021

In an abrupt transition from the exiting trend list is the use of security to mitigate health and safety risks. The pandemic has resulted in a fundamental shift in the way organisations leverage security solutions to help them ensure the health of their employees and visitors.

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Verbal De-Escalation Techniques for a Security Guard

1 July, 2021

Conflict today is inevitable and can occur in many forms and places. In essence, conflict occurs any time there is a show of strength between two opposing parties or principles.

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Create a Better Bottomline with Efficient and Integrated Facilities Management

30 June, 2021

A well-maintained, professional-looking space is a key element for business success. A clean and safe workplace increases productivity and increases customer satisfaction.

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Parking Safety: Tips for Safely Ending Your Drive

29 June, 2021

When considering the many safety hazards driving can present, few people think about the dangers one might face when the journey is over, and they've arrived at their destination.

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A Higher Standard of Protection For Your Retail Business

28 June, 2021

If you are looking for professional security services for your retail space, then look no further, you have come to the right place! We provide the best manned security services for retail areas. Every business comes with certain associated risks, and here we are talking about risks of shoplifting, thefts, vandalism, and any other criminal activities that can derail your business and cause loss.

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Survey Finds Safety Top Business Priority for 2021

24 June, 2021

More than one-third of business leaders say ensuring a safe workplace will be more challenging over the next 12 months. In a sign of the times, attracting top talent is no longer the No. 1 priority for businesses.

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Security - The Importance of Hiring Trained Guards

14 June, 2021

Security is an essential thing to consider for your business. Your business would not survive if you cannot safeguard your property and provide safety to your employees. Even if you have the best of ideas or the best of processes, safety and comfort are of top priority.

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Personal Safety and Asset Protection With Manned Guarding Security Services

8 June, 2021

If you own a business, then you should take proper steps to protect your property, staff, and minimize your losses in case of any emergency. The best way to do so is by hiring manned guarding security services. Manned guarding is the best solution to security concerns for your business.

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5 Factors to Consider When Maintaining Educational Facilities

28 May, 2021

Security and facility management services for schools, academies, and educational institutes is a challenging task. But if proper care is taken about the facility management services then it can improve the overall culture of the school and aid in the better development of the students.

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Top Reasons to Choose Manned Guarding to Keep Your Business Safe

26 May, 2021

Having manned security guards is essential to keep your business safe from security concerns like thefts, vandalism, employee disputes, fire, and any sort of emergencies. Manned guarding is the best way to ensure safety and minimize losses for your business.

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Benefits of Security Guards for Construction Sites

19 May, 2021

Security is an essential aspect of any business or residential area. If you have the best security professionals in place, they not only safeguard you and your property but also provide peace of mind and the ability to focus on your important activities.

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5 Reasons Why Security Guard Training Is Important

11 May, 2021

Security is an essential aspect of any business or residential area. If you have the best security professionals in place, they not only safeguard you and your property but also provide peace of mind and the ability to focus on your important activities.

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Smart Security Solutions for Your Home and Office

29 April, 2021

With the advancement of technology, multiple devices and systems are available to implement an effective security solution for your home and business. But it is a daunting task to manage multiple systems and devices – alarm systems, CCTVs, surveillance networks, cards, and access control.

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What Makes Orion Secure One Of The Best Security Companies In India

23 April, 2021

Security is an essential component of any business, personal property, events, or residential areas. Be it for your office premises or residential complex, you need a comprehensive and cost-effective security solution. There are multiple options in this respect and it is a decision where you cannot afford to go wrong.

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Stay Protected, Stay Safe With Our Manned Guarding Services

16 April, 2021

The need for security services for business premises, enterprises, and individual residencies has multiplied over the years. Even in the midst of all the technological development and advanced security devices, no one can replace the importance of manned guarding services.

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Increase Employee Productivity and Satisfaction With Facility Management Service

12 April, 2021

Facility Management Service encompasses the process of managing all the services and facilities within an organization. This enables an organization to become more effective when it comes to the delivery of its primary services.

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5 Benefits of Hiring Security Guards For Your Business

31 march, 2021

Hiring professional and competent security guards for your business can benefit you in more ways than one. Whether you are a small business owner or helming a large enterprise, having security guards at your premises is always a good idea.

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5 Benefits of Outsourcing Facilities Management

30 march, 2021

Facilities Management is an essential part of every business irrespective of its size or industry. It ensures smooth operations, effective delivery, client satisfaction, employee productivity, and positive work culture in the organization. But in today’s fast paced business landscape, it is not possible to dedicate an entire department to facilities management.

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How Important is Facilities Management?

23 march, 2021

Do you know that well managed and maintained offices help organizations to operate more effectively and improve processes?Facilities Management is a service that enables organizations to have a proper and safe work environment and smooth functioning of various departments. It focuses primarily on improving the quality of life of employees and ensuring their well-being

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Protecting Your Business With Manned Guarding

18 march, 2021

Do you know that the earliest mention of security guards is in Egyptians and the Roman history? In those days Pharaohs and kings would use employ private security to keep themselves and their assets safe. The concept of manned guarding services has not changed much since then. Manned guarding services are there to protect what you hold dear!

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