Chairman's Message

​As the world shrinks under the impact of technology, new regional & global dynamics are emerging rapidly. This brings in new challenges and opportunities for companies like us, who are engaged completely in providing world-class Security & Facility Management services to our esteemed customers. These developments have urged us to bolster and build our verticals to be better engaged for growth, diversification, integration and modernization.

Both, choices and opportunities have increased manifold, compared to the past and we are making the most of it.

ORION Group is now a diversified company that has built Security, covering every aspect from Guarding Service to logical Security, Facility Management, Investigations, Training & Manpower verticals. Each of these business units were consciously developed and designed to complement each other and widen service offerings.

The security business (ORIONSECURE) is our flagship company that has led the way to our meteoric growth in the past few years and propelled us, into being one of India’s leading companies in the security Industry in India. With an astute strategy and insight into the new threats that define security in the 21st century and to effectively address them, ORIONSECURE diversified into verticals that plug into the relevant concern areas such as Integrated Facility Management, Research & Consulting, Investigation & Cyber Security and Skill & Development

The Company was launched by me, way back in 2005 in a modest way. At that time, the market was competitive and with a limited purse as seed capital, I often used public transport and faced the extremes of the elements in my pursuit of business. I promised myself that I would build a company on the foundation of my sheer inspiration and passion – protection, security & intelligence. I began the company with a team of 3 people, who were recruited and placed in a modest premise, in start-up mode. In a span of 12 years, the company has expanded aggressively Pan India and has International Presence in The Middle East, Africa & Europe. Pan India it has more than 30,000+ personnel spread across all major cities pan India with overall operations managed from its New Delhi head office, 12 regional offices, 42 branch or site offices and 47 training centers providing one of the most professionally designed & managed security & facility management services in the country.

ORIONSECURE’S abilities, trustworthiness and consequent success can be gauged from its phenomenal growth since its inception. The company reported revenues of over Rs. 505 Crores in FY 2016-17 and has maintained a YoY revenue growth of above 60% over the last two years. Its client roster includes some of the biggest names in the industry including the top 200 companies in the country. It currently has over 350 customers across 15 diverse industries.

My management team comprises of stalwarts from diverse industry who bring in their individual leadership strengths – customer focused solutions, financial & business acumen and operational expertise. Together, this team is restructuring the very foundations of ORIONSECURE to build an organization that will differentiate itself from the ‘traditional’ Security companies in myriad ways.

Over the years, ORIONSECURE has transcended national boundaries and entered into international collaborations & alliances, in order to accelerate the pace of quality and services. In 2010, we resolved to expand our Global footprint and have since setup offices in U.A.E, Bahrain and Now in Finland.

Today, we keep people, property & assets safe and secure, for many corporation; we provide them with the opportunity to focus on their vocation, in peace. Tomorrow, we will be doing it for you.